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Productive Features- Empower Your Business!

The DialResults IP-PBX is an excellent solution to your phone system needs and can be implemented for far less than the competition. Contact us today to learn how the DialResults IP-PBX can be used in your company!

Powerful PBX Hilights
• Works with VoIP carriers or traditional T1/PRI/Analog lines*
• Users can work from anywhere there is Internet
• Flexible IVR Routines (Auto Attendant - Press one for sales, two for HR, etc)
• Multi-Tenant Enabled for offices with more than one company
• Least Cost and Global Call Routing
• Register a phone number anywhere and route the calls to your network
• Company Directory (By Last Name or First)
• Day/Night Control and Time Conditional Routing
• Flexible Queue Routing with tons of ring, overflow and hold options
• Parking Lot
• Advanced Reporting
• Full Time Digital Call Recording (Records every call if you want)
• Custom Music/Messages on Hold
• Conference Bridge(s)
• Paging and Intercom
• Can hook into CRM or Outlook (Requires some additional configuration cost)
• 24X7 Local Support

Powerful User Features
• Voicemail to e-mail/Fax to e-mail
• Privacy Manager
• Call Recording
• Conference
• Transfer
• Do Not Disturb
• Contact Management
• Call History
• Caller ID
• Control Outbound Caller ID
• Ring Time
• Call Waiting
• One Number Follow Me and Call Forwarding
• Hold with custom music, Mute and more

Powerful PBX Functions
• Auto Attendant/Company Greeting/Music or Message on Hold
• Sip Extensions for Remote or Work from Home Users
• Advanced Voice Mail Features
• Personal Call Management
• Call Conferencing includes up to 6 external parties and multiple groups
• Call Screening, Caller ID Screening, and Message Screening
• One Number Follow Me
• Personal Instant Call Recording
• Web-Based UMS (Unified Messaging System)
• Phone Set Message Light
• Least-Cost-Routing
• Basic ACD (Automatic Call Distribution)
• Fax Function Ready
• ADSI Phone and Cordless Phone
• Bi-lingual Greetings
• Multi-Company, Departmental Routing

Advanced Voice Mailbox Functions <top>
• Caller ID Call Back
• Message Notification (voice, pager, email)
• Access trunk line
• Retrieve voice mail via email
• Adequate voice ports allows no-blocking voice mail access
• Message Time Stamp
• Message Playing Sequence (last in first out, first in first out)
• Fast Forward/Rewind/Skip Messages

Intuitive, Easy to Use On-Screen User Console <top>
The User Console not only allows users to control call and message settings from their desktop PC, but also simplifies the call handling procedure. Its intuitive interface guides users through the available choices, and simplifies day-to-day call operations like transfer, redial, conference, hold, and voice mail access to just a CLICK away.

Web-Based Unified Messaging System for Road Warriors <top>
TelePCX supports a web-based unified messaging system TeleUMS to handle all e-mail, voice mail and fax messages for users. Combined with the "One Number Follow Me" PBX feature, TelePCX keeps on-the-road employees connected at all times.

TelePCX Office Communication
Advanced Application
One Box Platform
Productive Features
Powerful PBX Functions
Advanced Voice Mailbox Functions
Inutitive, Easy to Use On-Screen Console
Web-Base Unified Messaging System
Scalabilty and Easy-Maintenance
Multi-Device Phone Set Device Support
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Copyright © DialResults, 2014
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