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C3 Predictive Dialing Solution

The DialResults® C3 Predictive dialer is the definition of today's modern full-function predictive dialing system. Using state-of-the-art Aculab telephony boards, and with years of continuous improvements to
its dialing engine, DialResults® has perfected the art and science of predictive dialing.

The DialResults® C3 Predictive Dialer flawlessly dials out and screens out answering machines, busy signals, disconnected numbers and no-answers, and effectively "predicts" when a live contact will be reached and when an agent will be available. Thus, it enables agents to speak with live customers and prospects almost continuously, significantly increasing productivity. Its features include agent scripting and data collection, contact management controls, advanced statistics and on the fly reporting. Multiple campaigns, agents and dialing lists may all be loaded at once allowing your call center to act as a hub for all of your outbound and inbound business and marketing processes. On the fly configuration and full time recording allow you to easily monitor your call center and quickly adapt to maximize your efficiency. Many other features are included and can be used in either a hosted or on premise model.

C3 was built with the rapidly changing needs of today's modern call center in mind. It is an ideal "out of the box" solution and, with its open architecture design, can be customized to the very specific needs of any call center. With C3, you never need to change the way you do things to fit a system. Rather, the system can easily accommodate your business. In addition, as technology changes, you will always have a system that can integrate with the latest state-of-the-art hardware and software.

DialResults® gives your company the tools it needs to provide the highest levels of outbound calling:

Practically imperceptible delay between customer answer and agent connect
Solid, stable hardware and software to keep you running 24/7
Modern features like real time stats and reports, call recording with advanced search, Live monitoring and coaching of agents, Agent Scripting, Data pop and CRCM Integrations, Blended Inbound/Outbound ACD, Queuing and IVR Capability, Agents and Supervisors can work from anywhere in the world, Simple and easy to use interface for both agents and supervisor, Custom Call Outcomes with Advanced Callback Management, Dedicated 24X7 Award Winning Support and Managed Services.
Simple to use, graphical interface
Flexible and scalable to integrate with top applications and grow with you
Our VOIP Dialer Backbone allows for agents and managers to work from anywhere in world with internet

Looking for a predictive dialer with big-time features, a reasonable price tag, simple user interface, and the ability to be upgraded to a blended call center solution? Look no further. You've found DialResults® and C3.

Predictive Dialers
Predictive Dialing Solution
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