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Predictive Dialers Features

Dialing Features that give you the Competitive Edge

Screen Pop passes the call and caller record to the agent desktop simultaneously for intelligent customer care.

Call Transfer allows agents to easily transfer calls and data to any other agent logged onto the system or to any other third party number for confirmation.

Call and Agent Reporting provides real-time reports by agent and/or campaign so you can make well informed timely decisions. The system can integrate with Crystal Reports and other report packages as well, allowing you to generate all the reports you need.

PC-Based Telephony puts your phone right on the computer screen, making phone functions simple and efficient.

Agent Conferencing allows your supervisors to quickly and easily interact with your agents and customers to improve the quality and efficiency of responses to customers.

Agent Scripting contains a built-in browser application to allow easy data collection right in the agent scripts through the use of HTML and ASP and allows changes to the scripts as needed. Data is integrated back into the customer record, always keeping it up to date.

Multiple Simultaneous Campaigns allows you to run several outbound and/or inbound campaigns together to maximize the strengths of your agents and optimize your line usage.

Database Integration allows you to use your existing ODBC database in any campaign.

Graphical, Highly Visual Interface using state-of-the-art, drag and drop tools makes using the system as simple as can be.

Remote Agent Log-On allows an agent working remotely to log onto DialResults® as if they were working right in the home office giving you practically unlimited expandability.

DialResults uses the latest in hardware and software technology available. Use of Aculab dialing cards and the latest Microsoft programming languages ensure our system is cutting edge both now and in the future.


Predictive Dialers
Dialing Features
Dialing Features that give you the Edge
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