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Our Converged Communication Center Solution is a fully blended inbound and outbound contact center solution. It is an "out of the box", open architecture solution that can be designed to fit the way you do business. We integrate phone, fax, web, and e-mail contacts, along with customer data, and distribute these to the appropriate contact center agents, managing these interactions to their completion. It gives callers automated access to information and is a predictive dialer, which dials and distributes outbound calls.

The DialResults CT server provides the following tools:

• Communication center
• Skills-based routing of customer calls, faxes, e-mails and web inquiries.
• Ability to get your customers the information they need, fast
• Simple to use, graphical interface
• Flexible and scaleable to integrate with your applications and grow with you

It includes the following:

Seamless Predictive or Power Dialing increases agent productivity over manual dialing by allowing agents to speak almost without interruption to contacts.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) lets contacts use their touch- tone telephone to find the information they need and avoid waiting in call queues. Fewer agents are therefore required.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) with intelligent routing (using DNIS, ANI, and DTMF) checks a database and routes calls to the agents most skilled at meeting a particular need, increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Dynamic Call Blending passes both inbound and outbound calls to agents, significantly increasing agent productivity.

Intelligent Call Answering (Screen-Pop) passes the call and call record to the agent desktop simultaneously for intelligent customer care.

Call Transfer allows agent to easily transfer call and data to any agent logged onto the system, to the IVE, or to any other third party number for confirmation. Your callers will never have to repeat their account numbers again!

Call and Agent Reporting provides real time reports by agent and/or campaign so you can make well informed timely decisions. The system can integrate with Crystal Reports and other report packages as well, allowing you to generate all the reports you need.

Call Recording, Monitoring, Coaching and Conferencing and Text Messaging lets you know what ' s happening in real time and records and archives conversations efficiently for future use and training.

PC-Based Telephony puts your phone right on the computer screen, making phone functions simple and efficient.

Agent Scripting contains a built-in browser application to allow easy data collection right in the agent scripts through the use of HTML and ASP and allows changes to the scripts as needed. Data is integrated back into the customer record, always keeping it up to date. DialResults also offers a powerful tool that allows you to create and change scripts using simple drag and drop technology. Absolutely no programming is required to create scripts that branch, validate responses, have a wide variety of response types (multiple choice, single response, essay, etc), and dynamically update your database as you conduct the survey. Also use this tool to create surveys on your website that link to your database.

Multiple Simultaneous Campaigns allows you to run several outbound and/or inbound campaigns together to maximize the strengths of your agents and optimize your line usage.

Database Integration allows you to use your ODBC database in any campaign.

Broadcast Voice Messaging uses DialResults' auto-dialing capabilities to let you leave thousands of messages on answering machines or with live contacts. Automated collection messaging, lead generation and appointment confirmations are ideal applications.

Graphical, Highly Visual Interface using state-of-the-art drag and drop tools makes using the system as simple as can be.

Remote Agent Log-On allows an agent working remotely to log onto DialResults as if they were working right in the home office giving you practically unlimited expandability.

Music or Message On Hold gives your system the professional image you want to convey.

Voice Messaging mailboxes can be set up for every CSR so they'll never have to miss an important call again.

Integrated Fax option allows agents to send a fax from a customer directly from their workstation. A customer can also use their touch- tone phone to request a fax document.

Windows Server 2012 Operating System is the standard in quality today.


Communication Contact Center Solution
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An "out of the box", open architecture
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