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Agent Workstation: <top>
The agent workstation can be summed up in one word – SIMPLICITY. It allows you to train your agents quickly and efficiently. They will be able to use the system without having to have a technical background. With DialResults, training and use is extremely easy.

Using low to medium end workstations, agents make and disposition calls, schedule callbacks and update databases. They have access to sophisticated call processing features such as Record-a-Call and Call Transfer. They can set up conferencing of calls to third parties and make predictive calls. All this is done from a single, simple user interface.

Agent scripting uses an embedded web browser and appears automatically, based on the campaign the agent is working on. Customer responses can be entered directly into these scripts or into an existing database. In either case, the database is updated immediately.

Supervisor Workstation: <top>
The Supervisor controls the activities of the agents and the DialResults telephony system. For example, the Supervisor application enables/disables lists and campaigns, controls dialer pacing, provides daily statistics and produces real-time reports. Supervisors have control over campaign configuration as well as complete campaign management, agent monitoring, coaching and recording.

• Initiates campaigns and creates and manages calling lists
• Views all stations connected to the system as well as their daily statistics
• Monitors agent and campaign activities in real-time (talking, paused, available, log on/log off status, and talk, wrap-up and wait times per agent)
• Monitors the status of active and inactive campaigns
• Monitors the progress of all inbound and outbound calls
• Monitors ACD Queue activity
• Logs agents on and off various campaigns
• Records, monitors and allows coaching or conferencing with any agent
• Sends text messages across the agents ' screens
• Runs real-time reports of each agent's activities
• Controls dialing campaigns from any network node or from an off-site location.
• Can set separate dial pacing for each campaign depending on drop rate

Administrator Workstation: <top>
The Administrator Application is an integrated set of utilities to assist with Campaign Design and Management, Agent File Maintenance, "Dial" File creation and Campaign Management routines. Standard reports can also be initiated and printed from the Administrator Application. Some of the functions performed from the Administrator Application are as follows:
• Agent setup and security management
• Complete campaign setup and configuration
• Database selection criteria and outbound campaign loading
• Standard and customized system reports


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