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The DialResults Difference
The DialResults Difference

How is DialResults different from other systems? Simple:

1. Strong Return on Investment: Our system allows you to screen out overhead, which means your agents spend a larger part of their time on the phone because they're not wasting their time with manual dialing, busy signals or answering machines. C3 Predictive Dialers allow your agents to make 24-30 contacts per hour, while manual dialing averages 6-8 contacts per hour. A performance increase of 200% to 400% means that your agents are talking to more potential customers in the same amount of time, which means your closing ratios will also increase.

2. Controlled Production: DialResults also offers you the capability to control your abandonment rate. This enables you to manage time and the productivity of your team more efficiently. Real-time reporting means that you can always adjust your dialer settings, without interrupting calling, to keep your agents performing at peak levels.

3. Management Decision Tools: C3 Analytics allow you to gauge the performance of each call center, each agent, each list and each campaign. These reports translate directly to actual conversion rates and employee shift production ratios, enabling you to completely manage and optimize your marketing efforts toward real results.

4. Legislative Compliance: At DialResults, we strive to be legally compliant before we're required to be! We keep up with all the latest legislative decisions and mandates and observe all regulations including "do not call" listings, drop rates and time zone call restrictions-even in those states that don't yet require us to. Many of the members of our team come from extensive call center industry backgrounds. We are familiar with our industry and the issues that affect our clients and we strive to always be prepared for the future.

5. Customization to match your Business Model: As every company has its own way of doing business, our C3 Predictive Dialers allow you to structure your dialing operations to suit your objectives. You can customize the DialResults system to target your market and you can implement strategic modifications to your contact rate, scripting and reporting to suit your specific needs.

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