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Does your company run a call center?
Or are you considering starting one up?

One possible answer for you to consider is a hosted call center. Whether you are just at the beginning and have not set your call center up yet, or whether you are currently operating a call center and are looking for a better answer, using your own personnel with a hosted call center can be the right approach.

What is a hosted call center?

A hosted call center is where the software and hardware that supports the call center is run on central equipment run by a third party, like www.dialresults.com, and accessed over the Internet. The personnel that actually are on the phones will normally be physically located at your site or wherever you want them to be housed.

Because the system is run over the web, you only need high speed Internet access and a PC. Your call center staff can work from anywhere!

Why let another firm host your center?

A web hosting company is a specialized operation with the equipment, software and personnel that will provide you with the most advanced, technologically up-to-date call center operation.

The call center is complete, right from the start, with all of the bells and whistles. If you decide to run your own hosting, the start-up costs can be prohibitive as setting up a call center is an expensive venture. It requires computers and specialized software to get up and running. Because a hosted call center operates for more than one client, it spreads the cost of the system over many organizations, creating a lower cost for each organization.

The hosting center IT staff is very knowledgeable and specifically trained for the operation of call center software. Many companies do not have the very specific systems knowledge to set up and run the programs that are required for the call center. Just as using shared computer and telecommunications equipment lowers the cost for a call center, using a common staff for the high level of expertise that is required will also be a cost saving.

The hosted site always operates with the current version of the software you use. Upgrading the center's equipment and software is in the hands of experts. All software systems have regular upgrades which you will want to take advantage of. The specialized and dedicated IT staff supporting a hosted call center will make that process much simpler and more reliable. You will likely want to upgrade the computer servers as well. Knowing how to make those changes without disrupting your day-to-day operations is also a critical part of the center.

Specialized training for your people is always available when you need it without keeping specialized trainers on staff. Using the hosted center's team of experts only when you need them will also result in better training but also cost less over time.

Utilizing the talents and facilities of a hosted call center for your operation can be a significant cost saving to you as well as improving the quality of your connection to your customers.

This article was written by Dave Olson, an expert in the Online Business / Hosting category at www.yoexpert.com

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