Welcome to the Trial Setup Wizard. This will walk you through entering in all of the required information that we need to get your site setup and configured per your requirements. This wizard will allow you to enter in your company information, view system requirements, Campaign Info, Agent names and permissions, Call Result Codes and Recall Times and upload your dialing lists and Script. Please note that you must complete all of the steps in order for any information to be sent to our engineers. As soon as your site has been setup (usually within one business day) we will send you a link to download the agent and supervisor software. If you have additional specific instructions please email them to support@dialresults.com

Company Information
Contact Information
System Requirements

Pre Installation Requirements:
Before we begin the implementation of software it is crucial to ensure that your site or home agent's locations meet the minimum requirements of our software.

Supervisor and Agent Station Minimum System Requirements:
Please consult your Systems Administrator to ensure your PCs meet the followingminimum system requirements:

  • Pentium III 1Ghz Processor
  • 512 MB of RAM
  • 100 MB Network Interface Card (NIC)
  • Windows XP or newer Microsoft OS
  • Full Duplex Sound Card with Analog Headset or USB headset.
*  My system meets or exceeds the above system requirements.

Internet and Bandwidth Requirements:
From your ISP you need to ensure you meet the following requirements:
  • 100KB Per Concurrent User bandwidth (up and down)
  • Each Supervisor and Agent station must be on an operating network with internet access.
*  My system meets or exceeds the above bandwidth requirements.

If you are in need of an Internet Provider (ISP) please contact your sales representative and we can give you a quote on our high speed voice and data servicesthat are available in your area.

Campaign Info Enter the 10-digit phone number you want displayed on Caller ID.
Agent Names
Call Result Codes How do you want your agents to disposition data?
As an example:

Enter your Call Result Codes below, following the example above:

Please provide your data lists must be in *.csv format and ensure they contain a header row. They must also be pre-scrubbed against any applicable DNC lists. If your data is complicated please include a document to explain field structure. In the future it will be easier for you to load data. We use this initially to build your site specific to your data.

Please provide us an electronic version of the script that you will be using for your agents. This should include all the verbal text and outline any data you wish the agents to collect while they are on the phone with the customer.